Spencer Pratt Gets Real (but still remains a douchebag)

It’s not news that I feel instantly ill whenever The Hills comes on, and it’s also nothing new when I say BSG (bitchy straight guy) Spencer Pratt gives me hives, but here’s something that IS different: he might actually be real.

Recently, Pratt posted this blog on his official website, and it’s a doozy. Not only does he challenge people to “feel free to hate on me here on my blog / board where I actually read the comments”, but he totally (and I mean totally) blasts his “co-star” Lauren Conrad.

“Lauren ruined Heidi and Laurens friendship when she told Heidi that she could not be friends with her as long as she dated me” Pratt types. “…the fact is Lauren is in LOVE with Heidi…she used to scream at Heidi if she left her alone one night…she used to ask to get in bed with Heidi and I to cuddle in the mornings…believe what you want…when those cameras turn off LC (MEAT CURTAINS) is a completely different person.

He goes on to use ‘beef curtains’ about 75 more times, claims that nobody really likes the “spoiled brat”, and threatens Lauren that Heidi and he will take a lie detector test “ABOUT AL THE THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT YOU” (the caps are his addition) if she doesn’t stop talking about them.

Although he’s got no grammar, Pratt is certainly not limiting himself to the lazy, robotic personality most MTV “reality” stars have. As much as I cringe to think someone is immature enough to type threats across a webpage, you gotta give the guy credit for just being himself.

Douchebag or not.

Click here to listen to Heidi and Spencer bash LC.

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