Who is Alice the Snorg Tees Girl?

If you’re all about the Internet, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Alice the Snorg girl. If you browse Facebook or Myspace at least once a day, you have undoubtedly seen the Snorg girl’s pop-up ad at least once.

What the hell is Snorg, you ask?

Plain and simple: it’s a T-shirt company. Who is the Snorg girl and why should we care? Her name is Alice and why she has created so much buzz around the Internet beats me.

Alice is a typical college girl who attends Auburn University in Alabama. She became a T-shirt model when her brother suggested her services to his friends at Snorg Tees. She is a cute girl with a nice smile, but I don’t see why internet creeps everywhere are refreshing their screens obsessively to look at her ad. There are millions of pretty girls all over the Internet, so why is Alice different?

Perhaps Alice is so attractive because she loves sports. It could also be her “girl-next-door” appeal. She doesn’t have a “perfect body” and she doesn’t pose promiscuously. This may all add up to the simple fact that realistically, guys dig girls that are more “real” rather than spitting images of Pamela Anderson. You can’t take her home to mama.

Either way, it looks like the Snorg girl may be here to stay. Similar to Allison Stokke’s temporary stardom, the worship of non-celebrities seems to be in style these days. Who knows? Snorg tees could be Alice’s ticket to big time stardom. Just keep refreshing your browser to find out.

Rock Stars Love Women….Duh!
Rock Stars Love Women….Duh!
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