Shoulder Pads Are Back In. This Can’t Be Good.

Alright, so…..first was the return of the fanny pack. So unfortunate.But now, it’s SHOULDER PADS???

I thought these pointed, puffy creatures were dead for good. Guess not, cause runways everywhere are showing them, i.e.’s slide show revealing Shoulder Pad Fashion from top designers such as Dior and Gucci. Come on guys, really?

Ugh. My mom used to make me wear blazers with shoulder pads sewn into them when I was, like, eight, and I’d rip those suckers out ASAP.

Don’t they eerily resemble silicone boob implants?

To reiterate, according to the Seattle Times, one blogger points out the trends we can look forward to this fall:

* Polished, ’80s-inspired suits; strong shoulders and nipped waists.

* Controlled volume: Rounded and oval shapes; plenty of pleating.

Hmmm, would you like some pleats to go with your pads? Um, yes please! I guess what it all comes down to is that trends really do come back in cycles. We will never escape the fanny pack OR shoulder pads OR pleated pants, and this we will just have to accept, look forward to them going out of style again, and then expect their eventual, inevitable and evil return.

Which makes me wonder… that they’ve finally faded into “so last summer,” will our children be subjected to these?


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