When Celebrities Stuff Their Faces

What is it about that gets us off? There are websites 100% dedicated to it!

Does it make them seem more attractive when they’re photographed scarfing down hot dogs and slurping milk shakes? Not really.

Relatable? Likable? Personable? Nah.

Just because Jessica Biel eats a sandwich doesn’t mean I’m her new biggest fan and want her to come over and do my nails.

It’s probably because there’s something vulnerable about being caught in the act of eating. Most of the time, I feel kind of sorry for them, their mouths stretched all ugly and their and faces askew.

Just like watching celebrities fall down and/or trip, there’s simply something human about seeing a Cover Girls and Guys stuffing their perfect, rich faces.

Or how about it being just plain FUNNY?

There’s the the Supermodel Eater (whether this food is fully digested is unknown), the HOLY SHIT That’s a Big Mouthful Eater (let the sexual innuendos ensue) and the Careful There Could Be Paparazzi Eater. Although, I say just go for it, girl. Eat that cupcake!

Sometimes it’s utterly disgusting, sometimes it’s kinda cute.

Face it, celebs and food make an awesome combination, one to be reckoned with. But why stop there? I say add some good ol’ alcohol into the mix, all the time, everywhere.

This is entertainment, people.

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