Hard Partying Could Be Aging You…Fast

It’s no secret that celebrities such as Courtney Love and Keith Richards have lived quite wild lives. It’s written all over their faces…literally.

Living a less than stellar lifestyle health-wise does make you look older. All those late nights and foreign toxins going into the body…sounds kinda like college, huh?

Well, this hard partying/quick aging trend is catching on for the young celebs of our generation — not just the rock and roll greats of years past.

The UK’s Mirror had a recent article up about Real Age vs. Body Age, and rated unhealthy celebs like Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse against uber-healthy Madonna.

The results:

Madonna: Real AGE: 48, Body AGE: 35

Britney: Real AGE: 25, Body AGE: 30

Amy Winehouse: Real AGE: 23, Body AGE: 31

Interested to see how your college years are taking a toll on you?

Luckily, The Mirror also provides a handy dandy little quiz that you can take to calculate your “Body Age.”

If the inspiration to live a healthier life doesn’t come after you find out your number, just imagine looking like this in only a matter of years. Yeah, that’ll do it.

Love-sick, Literally
Love-sick, Literally
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