Britney: Oops, I Hit It Again

Amidst K-Fed’s custody battle and successfully seducing a college student in a rooftop jacuzzi, the single mom of two (innocent victims!) decided to play a quick game of Britney Bumper Cars.

Crashing into a parked car in front of dozens of paparazzi, our favorite Baldy simply exclaimed, “I’m a braniac!” See it here.

Apparently, Brit-Brit hasn’t brushed up on standard law lately, because the burnt-out celeb whose crotch has become just as well known as her songs found it the best solution (and perfectly legal) to simply drive away without leaving any contact info.

Thanks to trusty paparazzi, the owner of the car easily discovered the culprit of this hit and run fender bender, and has just filed a police report. Sucks.

In all these celeb situations, (LiLo’s DUI, Brit’s bump, Paris incarcerated…) I always wonder, why don’t they just use a driver?? What else are limos for? And the paps can’t even flash photos of you in there! Is it not the most obvious solution?

At least for Brit I somewhat understand, since a stretch limo probably wouldn’t fit through the Popeyes drive-thru. What will she do next?

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The Real World Sydney: Bitches Ain’t Sh!t
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