Shot of the Week: Gummy Bear

Sometimes, a drink is called something so preposterous, so stupid, it’s obvious that whoever created it gave it a name after they tried 7 versions.

Sometimes, the actual ingredients are the unbelievable part.

You want me to combine cream, vodka, and cough syrup together? Who’s actually tasted this?

Most of the time, the answer is no one, but today, that’s not the case.

I had heard about this recipe, but never actually tried it…until the day arrived when there was nothing left to drink the fridge besides a bottle of Gatorade someone had left and a bottle of raspberry vodka the roommate and I had received as a present.

“Well” I thought, “now’s the time.”

Sure, it was sweet, but it was also light and tart—a nice thing to sip over ice while waiting for the night to start.

Gummy Bear Shot

• 1 shot of Raspberry Vodka

• ½ a small glass of lemon-lime Gatorade

Pour the ingredients into a glass with ice, mix, and enjoy.

And always remember, eat too many gummy bears: get sick. Drink too many gummy bear shots: get sick and puke everywhere.

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Britney: Oops, I Hit It Again
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