Suicide Warning Sign #9: Breast Implants???

For flat-chested girls, having a full C, or even B, cup would be a dream come true. It was for Heidi. I know multiple friends of mine that have commented on how much they want larger boobs and would consider implants when they are older. Personally, the idea of inserting foreign substances into my chest sounds uncomfortable and unappealing. But, I also may not fully understand the woes of those still not satisfied with their knockers.

Well, a recently published study in the Annals of Plastic Surgery showed a strong link between breast implants and suicide, which I found very interesting. According to USA Today, the study found that “women who have breast implants are three times as likely to die by suicide and have a similar increased risk of death as a result of drug use or alcoholism.”

The study followed more than 3,000 women, and found no big increase in suicide risk in the first 10 years after surgery. But, the risk grew by 4.5 times 10-19 years after, and then to six times higher compared with the expected suicide rate after 20 years.

Although these results are significant, it is also hard to tell whether they are due to previous psychiatric illnesses that were not diagnosed…But, in my opinion, that’s a pretty large increase for these women. Maybe because many women that receive plastic surgery are already somewhat unhappy with their body in some way or another? And are unable to shake these feelings even with implants? Who knows, just thinking out loud here.

Regardless, I think that any girl who is considering a plastic surgery procedure should give it some serious thought. Will it really change how you feel about yourself or are there other factors you should deal with first?

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