Green Fitness Trend: Eco-Running

I can barely run and skip songs on my iPod at the same time, but if you’re a particularly lithe runner and want to do some good for the environment as well as your body, try eco-running.

The concept is simple: grab a plastic bag on your next run and pick up any trash you encounter along your route.

The eco-running movement started with Samuel Huber of Milwaukee, who hopes to encourage joggers and runners to “combine their passion with a purpose.”

Think you won’t make an impact?

According to, studies have shown that by cleaning up an area you remove the incentive to contribute to its mess. Not a runner? Try picking up litter while walking, kayaking, or rollerblading, Huber urges on his website.

Sure, the plastic bag that held last night’s Chinese takeout probably doesn’t go with your Juicy sweatsuit, and maybe the image of running with a bag of trash at your side horrifies you, but I’m hoping to see this trend grow, if for no other than reason that to trip less in my attempt to avoid litter.

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Crazies! All in the Name of Beauty?
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