Kate Hudson is a Huge Idiot

And here I was thinking for years and years that she had it together.

Sure, she married a weird looking guy, but that just meant she was the kind of girl who looked deeper and refused to be superficial. Even after she got divorced and starting dating perennial bachelor Owen Wilson, she refused to do the Britney and get trashed every night of the week, opting instead to continue living quietly and taking care of her son.

Plus, she’s adorable.

Which is why I was so pained to read this quote from September’s issue of Harper’s Bizaar:

“As primal beings, men are not supposed to be monogamous. When people ask, ‘Do you believe in monogamy?’ Well, of course that’s what you want. But part of what I love about men is that it’s hard for them to be monogamous. Women, I think, need to spend more time understanding men than changing men. And vice versa.”

What kind of idiot woman says something like that? How backwards do you have to be to allow men the convenience of being biologically deterred from monogamy? And why would you love it?

Even if I did believe men were cheaters by nature, I certainly wouldn’t throw a party every time it happened.

Thanks for pushing the feminist movement back a couple hundred years, Kate. Women everywhere will now be completely understanding when they walk in and find their husband doing his secretary on the kitchen table.

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