Michel Gondry Goes Mainstream

Let’s be honest, there are a plethora of crappy movies out there. “Daddy Day Camp” or “I Know Who Killed Me”, anyone? Thankfully for us, cinema genius Michel Gondry does not produce movies of such low quality. The genius behind the cinematography in Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind has just released a trailer for his upcoming film, “Be Kind Rewind”.

Although “Be Kind Rewind” is aimed at a more mainstream audience than Gondry’s last film, “The Science of Sleep”, the trailer seems to indicate that it will be an inevitable success. In fact, the movie seems to be a complete turnaround from “The Science of Sleep”, a film with relatively unknown actors (besides the lovely Gael Garcia Bernal) and an ambiguous plot.

The film stars Jack Black and Mos Def as two video store clerks who accidentally erase all of the content on the tapes that they are supposed to be renting out. In order to save the business, the two friends venture out with a video camera and re-enact the movies around town in their own home-made costumes.

Their antics lead them to stardom when hoards of movie-watchers start renting the flicks but the duo faces trouble due to the FBI warning placed on the copy written scripts.

Although I’m not usually a Jack Black enthusiast, his performance in the trailer seems promising. Mos Def plays an unlikely sidekick to the comedian, balancing out his obvious humor by playing the subtly funny friend.

I assume “Be Kind Rewind” is sure to promise a taste of unusual cinematography due to its creator’s love of cinema graphic experimentation. I look forward to these details as much as the story itself. There is also sure to be an usual love interest incorporated into the script somewhere. Judging by his previous films, Gondry has an insatiable taste for unlikely romances.

After watching the trailer, I can’t wait to head to the theaters and witness Gondry’s newest creation. It will be an honorable feat to accomplish if he is able to both entertain mainstream audiences and maintain his respectable position as an experimental cinematographer.

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