Six Foot Tall Women Fall Hard


When you think of models, a mental image of composed, sophisticated women may come to mind. These women are wearing flawless outfits, have every strand on their head in perfect order and shine in their immaculate make-up.

Their physical “perfection” and high status in society makes them seem like some breed of ideal robotic woman.

Thanks to our friends at Best Week Ever, our attention has been turned to which has come out with a series of model slip-ups to ensure us that models are real people too. Due to the hazardous conditions on the runway, this video shows models tripping, falling, and straight up flying down the runway.

The video highlights some of the possible hazards involved in parading down the catwalk. One of these dangers is the catwalk itself. The video shows a variety of catwalks that appear to be thin, slippery, and downright terrifying. One slip-up and a model’s butt will be on the lap of someone in the front row. The video also discusses the unsafe footwear models are forced to work in. Heels peak at unreasonable heights, with little support for the girls to balance on. I’m honestly surprised that more ankles aren’t snapped during fashion shows.

Jay Alexander, model coach from America’s Next Top Model, suggests that models don’t shake their hips while walking. He insists that a model must assess the situation on the runway and “do what’s best” for her.

The video shows the various reactions that models have to their spills. Some stare straight ahead and make no facial indication that anything out of the ordinary has occurred. Many opt to smile and others cover their face with their hands and hustle backstage as fast as they can.

This video should encourage even the most avid model-hater’s heart to go out to these girls just a little bit.

Perhaps being paid to walk in those tiny, tight outfits isn’t so easy after all.

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