Weird Eyes? Misshaped Body Parts? Become a Model!

Are you tired of looking at tall, thin models with indistinguishable features? Apparently many people want to see more “normal looking people” in mainstream media. This is why Ugly New York has been created to represent models with a “unique look”.

Although the company has the word “ugly” in its title, models who represent Ugly New York are not unattractive, they’re just different than what one would normally expect a model to look like. Weird physical quirks are fine as long as the person has that certain style and confidence needed to be a model.

The company represents everyday people – businessmen, computer geeks, anyone who makes you turn your head and think “Wow he/she has something special about him/her”. Ugly New York gives people who never even considered the opportunity to model a chance to strut their stuff.

After viewing the talent on their site, it’s easy to tell that the company does represent some “classic” models. However, they also have their fair share of hairy bikers, aging women and quirky 20 and 30 somethings.

Ugly NY is inspirational in that it furthers the message that a person doesn’t need to look any certain way to be considered beautiful. A lot of the models for Ugly New York are even more attractive than your average runway model. The only thing I’d like to see changed is the name of the company. While its clever, it doesn’t accurately represent its models. Just because one girl has a lot of freckles and another has droopy eyelids doesn’t mean that they’re ugly. It just means they’re unique, which is what I think the agency has set out to convey in the first place.

Either way, let’s give it up for a company who’s not completely buying into the alien-model trend that’s been plaging the industry for, like, ever.

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