Old People. Having Sex.

For the two of you still reading past that headline, I’m sorry to say that the disturbing image is in fact a reality—as I unfortunately found out when my grandmother confided details of her sex life that confirmed that everyone is indeed having more sex than me.

Well, it seems that the elderly are having so much sex, that the New York City Health Department has been targeting the older age group for condom giveaways and free HIV testing. The City Council has even budgeted $1 million toward HIV education for older people—money well-spent, considering that a study by the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America projected that within the next decade, the majority of HIV-infected New Yorkers will be over 50.

Some elderly people aren’t taking to this new push for condom use and HIV eduction simply because they’re not exactly at their most sexually active. Hey, who can blame them? The condom giveaways on campus this past Valentine’s Day did nothing but mock me.

“You’re giving out condoms,” 82-year-old Rose Crescenzo said to the Associated Press, “but who’s going to give us a guy?”

Rose, you and I are on the same wavelength.

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