Rejuvenation in a Bottle


No, I’m one of the Three Ninjas (Remember them? How cute was Rocky?), Kombucha is a fairly new organic refreshment. A drink. An expensive drink, but, it’s damn good…good for you, that is.

According to Wikipedia, Kombucha is “the Western name for sweetened tea or tisane that has been fermented by a macroscopic solid mass of microorganisms called a “kombucha colony,” usually consisting principally of Bacterium xylinum and yeast cultures.” Fermented tea?? Sounds delightful.

A man by the name of G.T. Dave began bottling this light and fizzy juice in 1995 after his mother beat breast cancer, all the while drinking this ancient concoction. According to the bottle, Kombucha supports digestion, metabolism, immune system, appetite control, weight control, liver function, body alkalinity, anti-aging, cell integrity, healthy skin and hair. Need I say more?

Kombucha contains less sugar and very little calories for the wallop of goodness it delivers. I can attest that while working behind the bar, this is also a great drink to keep up energy levels. Better yet? If and when randoms ask me to down some shots with them, I pour a bit in a shot glass and yee haw! Oh, so sneaky…

Be warned there is a small trace of alcohol. The only downside, its hard to find and when you do, it breaks the bank a bit at right around four dollars a bottle. Make it last like me and cut it with water half way through. Mm mmm mmm.

Must-Read for Anyone Going Abroad
Must-Read for Anyone Going Abroad
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