Meat Makes the Woman

I am not one of those girls that just “isn’t hungry” on a date. I am always hungry. And I love good food. Especially when it is medium rare and comes in a bun.

You already know I eat meat. And I certainly sleep with people who eat meat too. So, it’s good to know my new red meat eating habits are totally in.

I always knew salads were so passé.

If you’re one of those girls that don’t eat on a date because of “nerves,” give it up. Apparently, if you want to make a statement, order a steak. I mean even the New York Times thinks so, so it MUST be true.

According to a woman interviewed by the Times, steaks sent the message that she is “unpretentious and down to earth and unneurotic,” while burgers said she was a “cheap date and low maintenance.”

And I agree. Since I started eating red meat about 9 months ago, I’ve felt less like the fussy girl who picks off the pepperoni and more like the awesome foodie girl you’ve always wanted to date.

So put down the lettuce, ladies. Leave the salads for a lunch with the girls. If you really want to impress, order a steak.

Or cook one up for you and your guy. Or go out for burgers. But by god, order what you like.

And eat it with gusto.

Buy Women’s Magazines, Buy Into Their Bullsh*t
Buy Women’s Magazines, Buy Into Their Bullsh*t
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