Painfree Waxing? Where Do I Sign Up?!

A painless bikini wax?! Please oh please, say it’s true!

Lycon Wax, a high quality hair removable wax available at both salons and drugstores, is supposedly “practically pain free”. Because of the wax’s self-hardening properties, it doesn’t pull on the skin while ripping out hair, and leaves little to no redness in its wake.

I’ve gotten my eyebrows done with Lycon, and I have to say I agree with the “practically painless part”.

I mean, you’re still very aware someone is ripping part of your eyebrow off, but the pain is minimal when compared to traditional wax-and-strip methods. The redness factor is also nominal, even on psychotically sensitive skin like mine.

I have yet to get a bikini wax with the stuff, and am way too much of a chicken to try it at home, but I assume the ouch factor down there is probably less as well—although I doubt yanking fuzz from a vajayjay is ever going to be completely comfortable.

Has anyone had an experience with Lycon? Or even with home bikini waxing? How is it even possible to give yourself a personal Brazilian (and force yourself to rip more than once)?

Old People. Having Sex.
Old People. Having Sex.
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