How To Live On the Cheap in NYC

I Love New York.

No, I am not talking about the VH1 show, or the person (really, who is named New York?), but rather, I love New York City. The diversity, the nightlife, the arts, the shopping- NYC is the ideal city… if you’re crapping out money, that is.

A cozy apartment, dinners at the trendiest restaurants and of course, as many Manolo’s and Jimmy Choo’s that will fit into my apartment. If that was life as a journalist for Carrie Bradshaw, then surely, my life couldn’t be much different. My biggest challenge would obviously be learning how to run down 5th avenue in heels or pull off that black bra/white shirt combo that she made look so effortlessly cool.

Just when I was about to boycott Sarah Jessica Parker for giving me false hopes, Urban Hostess looks like it can make my dream a reality.

A website designed to help the recent college graduates, NY college students or first-timers in NYC. Whether you are looking for a steal or a luxury apartment, UH helps find exactly what you’re looking for by pairing you up with a broker who can meet your specific needs.

To put it simply- Brokers are eager to screw over those who don’t know the first thing about NY real estate. Urban Hostess gets rid of that possibility by creating an environment where Brokers are literally competing for your business and keeping your best interests at heart. provides you with everything you need to know about looking for a place in New York. From a virtual neighborhood guide, to finding a broker, to average neighborhood prices, Urban Hostess helps to empower Y-O-U.

And even better, if you click here, you will save 20% (yes, you read that right!) just because you are a CC reader (which, clearly, makes you fabulous).

Thanks to Urban Hostess, you can save that extra money towards your first pair of Manolo’s (or on more Ramen Noodles- whatever you so choose).

Clay Aiken Attempts to Bring Sexy Back. Attempts.
Clay Aiken Attempts to Bring Sexy Back. Attempts.
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