Heidi Sings, Spencer Raps, I Die a Little Inside.

Heidi from The Hills wants to be a singer…or a mediocre popstar who lip-syncs in concerts while wearing tiny outfits.

She’s on her way to the mediocre part. Medicore with a side of lame, thanks to her big-headed boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

Body Language”, a song recently leaked to Ryan Seacrest (and subsequently the whole world) is apparently not the first single from Montag, but is obviously on her record, so I am going to judge it.

The tune itself isn’t horrible. It’s not fantastic, but since it samples a catchy, retro beat, it may just have a life in the clubs.

The major problem with “Body Language” is the rap stuck in the middle—the rap that is rapped by Spencer.

Camp Montag and Pratt claim the rap was “just a joke”, but I’m sure it was totally serious until radio listeners everywhere deemed it the weakest attempt at bad-assness since Avril Lavigne.

Listen to “Body Language” here, and wait for Seacrest’s reaction to the infamous Pratt rap. When a guy who freely admits to pedicures makes fun of you, you know it’s time to rethink the old personality.

…or at least shut the hell up.

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