My Child’s Pack


With school shootings happening all over the country many children find themselves walking through metal detectors on their way into the building but, according to two fathers from Massachusetts, kids need a little more protection.

In an attempt to shield students all over the country from wayward bullets and personal attacks, now on the market is the bullet proof backpack. “My Child’s Pack” weighs about 20 ounces and is available in different sizes and colors to accommodate lap top carriers and those who wish to accessorize.

At $175, My Child’s Pack can deflect both bullet and knife attacks. Proven to stop 97% of bullets it is designed to protect from behind and also can be used as a shield. The bags have had an overwhelming response, so much so that some customers can not even order online due to site traffic.

Many schools do not even allow conventional backpacks in their hallways, requesting that they are mesh or somewhat transparent to protect students from concealed weapons, while some do not allow any bags at all.

Based on the decisions of Principals around the country every school follows it’s own protocol yet these James Bond-esque bags may just save a life or perhaps backfire and protect the shooter himself. The controversial accessory was not even scheduled to come out until later this year but after achieving notoriety the bag was in such a high demand that they decided to market early.

Would YOU carry a bullet proof bag?

In a poll administered by the Boston Herald, 36% of students said that they would consider it. In some way the poll is a reaction to the alarming statistics of weapons confiscated from students each year and of course in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting both parents and students feel vulnerable and seek some sort of protection against senseless random violence.

But, really? Are kids really going to band together and decide that these “packs” are for their own benefit. Bullies nationwide will call a truce — promising not to kick thee crap out of kids wearing “packs”? Really?

Featured in news outlets across the country the bag has been selling well and is available at It really makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

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