When Having a Saddlebag is a GOOD Thing

Following the trends can be quite problematic. Especially when you are trying to find the trends on the cheap before every mass retailer has picked it up. And by that point, you’re so over it because EVERYONE has one. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much the story of my life.

Before I get to the trend (sigh, big bags are out). I’m going to tell you a story. And then I’m going to tell you how to remedy our little situation.

In October of 2005, I saw a Calvin Klein ad where the model was wearing FLAT BOOTS. And not just flat boots, but black patent leather pointy toe snakeskin flat boots. And at that point, not only did I want a pair of boots sans their heel, I wanted them right THEN before they became über popular.

Now you can find a pair anywhere. Forever 21, H&M, Payless: they all jumped on the flat boot bandwagon, but a year and a half after I wanted a pair. That year, I spent my fall break in New York and decided that I would find a decently priced (i.e. around 200 dollars) pair of boots. I knew I couldn’t find them for less, if I could even find them at all.

I dragged my then boyfriend to every shoe store in Manhattan looking for a pair of flat boots. Poor guy. That was a rough shopping day.

I knew what I wanted but could not find them for less than 500 bucks. And my college budget sure wasn’t able to afford a pair of shoes THAT expensive.

Eventually, at the end of the day, I found them. My beautiful flat boots were just sitting there on the shelf in a tiny unassuming shoe store on 14th street. And when I went back to school, everyone made fun of my shoes and I was like whatever, bitches! Just you wait!

So now for the new fall trend that can’t be found: small shoulder bags or saddle bags. Whatever you want to call them. Big bags are out for those in the know. As much as I love my big bag, I am a bit tired of lugging so much crap around and having so much accumulate within its cavernous interior. So I am going to embrace this new trend before it becomes too trendy. Problem is, every little bag comes with a big price.

But now for the solution:

Consignment and Thrift Stores—Back in the day, shoulder bags were totally popular. (I found one in my grandmother’s closet, actually). So check with Grams or check the local thrift stores. They are bound to be MUCH less expensive than the label versions that cost as much as a semester’s tuition.

DIY—Maybe you found a great clutch or small bag sans the strap. Well, release your inner girl scout and make your own! It isn’t hard to punch a few holes in a leather clutch and add a chain that you bought at Home Depot or get a skinny leather belt and use that as a strap. It just takes a bit of craftiness.

Or if you’re just too lazy, keep your eyes peeled. I found this bag (and only this one) at Urban Outfitters for $28.00.

Happy Hunting!

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