Gawker Proves Has-Been Actors Are Creepy

I love Gawker.

They find the strangest shit to talk about. The random pieces of the internet super highway; lost Youtube tapes, celebrities falling down steps, out of place fashion shows for Darfur…really anything and everything you could ever want to know about New York City and the universe.

Every so often, they will even post a random email from a random person. These random slices of life are my favorite part, because everyone knows truth is crazier than fiction. Case in point:

An NYU student recently sent an email in about her random encounter with Cuba Gooding Jr. You know, that guy who won an Oscar and then went on to make a movie about sled dogs?

Anyway, this college student not only snuck herself into a top-secret celebrity party, but she also managed to find herself being drunkenly perused by Mr. Show-Me-The-Money himself. Who is married. With three kids.

Cuba and I bonded over our love for Justin Timberlake” the mystery student writes, “and he’s dancing all up on me. Legit, Cuba’s crouch is up against me and he is grinding like it’s nobody’s business.”

After fretting about her dancing skills and watching her friend become drunker and drunker, Mystery NYU Girl tells CGJ she’s gotta run. He tries to convince her to stay, using not-so-subtle tactics.

“…And as we’re talking he’s running his hands up my legs, pinching my thigh, etc. he asks me what I’m doing “later on”, and then goes “I just want to hook up” (exactly what he said I swear on my life).”

Mystery NYU Girl’s email is hilarious, and a fantastic middle-of-work read. Here’s hoping it’s true (I mean, unless you’re CGJ’s wife), and here’s hoping Gawker will make this sort of thing a habit. Because if I’m not grinding all up against a drunk has-been actor, I want to read about someone who is.

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