Punching in the Name of Love

Have you ever thought to yourself, “gee, my boyfriend is being an ass. I sure wish I could punch him in the face without getting arrested”?Well, now you can. And if he wants, he can punch back.

According to the New York Times, young couples are beginning to get into the boxing ring together, sparring against each other for exercise and respect. While most men don’t jab back (or jab very lightly), women are routinely allowed and encouraged to beat the crap out of their mate.

“Although I kind of paw at her and hit her to keep her honest, it is obviously pretty light” one boxing boyfriend from New York is quoted as saying, “She, however, is really able to unload on me.”

Most couples who trade jabs in the ring say it’s a good, healthy stress reliever that allows anger to be worked out through physical excretion, rather than screaming and plate throwing. Sparring also helps women “feel empowered” while garnering the respect of their mate.

Obviously, not everyone thinks couples slamming each other in the face with giant red gloves is a good idea. An owner of a boxing ring in California warns “If a guy hits his wife too hard in the face, intentionally or unintentionally, she will remember that and it will come up again at some point.”

You know, I’m all for co-ed sports, and working out together is probably a fantastic way for couples to encourage and push each other, but asking someone you love to come at you with all their strength is usually reserved for those slightly uneducated individuals on COPS. If I’m angry enough at my boyfriend to “unload” on him at the gym, I might want to consider why he’s my boyfriend in the first place.

Also, how did it escape the author of the article that boxing with one’s boyfriend can be seen as a pretty placating experience? If he hits you, it might really hurt, so he doesn’t. I can only imagine how the ride home from the ring might go:

“Honey, you did a great job. Good thing I didn’t hit back, though. These guns might have really caused some damage to that petite little frame of yours…”

I mean, maybe it wouldn’t go that way. Maybe some men are fine about being punched for an hour by their girlfriend. All I know is, whenever it happens on COPS, those dudes get pissed.

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