LiLo Does Rehab, Actual Work?

Was it just me or was life getting a bit boring sans Lilo?

Thank God she has busted out of her “intense medical detox facility in LA” according to TMZ and into Cirque (of Mary-Kate Olsen fame) in Utah.

Lindsay has been spotted white water rafting, going for a jog, even hitting the town for spray tans and a workout at Gold’s gym! Man, those Mormons sure know how to let LiLo loose!

But, if you think her stint in rehab seems like a walk in the park, think again.

Lindsay reportedly has two roommates (OMG worse than college!) and has to wash dishes, clean toilets and do her own laundry!

It’s like… REAL LIFE!

Maybe it’s a good thing, since Michael and Dina have officially divorced since Lindsay’s been hiding away in the wilderness. A dose of reality to kick your drug habit is all well and good, but it doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 19 (or 21…), hearing that your parents are splitting up, well, sucks.

We all know the turmoil a divorce can cause on the children.

Let’s just hope Ali is handling things better than her sister would have… if, of course, she hadn’t already handled life just about as badly as one person can.

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B-Rock Brings Politics to the Streets
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