The Hills: Justin Bobby and an Ugly Wall

It is sad when the most exciting thing to happen on an episode of The Hills is watching Heidi do some manual labor. But, seriously, watching Heidi paint that wall was totally the pinnacle of the show. Especially how she used the whole wall situation to discuss a larger relationship issue with Spencer: making decisions together.

Oh, wait. No.

Heidi isn’t that deep! Her issue wasn’t with sharing and making decisions as one; she basically painted the wall because she was pissed that he bought all that boy stuff for the apartment. As much as I hate Spencer, though, even I understand the beauty of an 80’s video game.

But the wall was hideous.

Anyways, since there isn’t much to really discuss from the episode I like to call “30 Minutes of Nothing” I will take what little time I have to discuss the creature they call, Justin-Bobby.

Having spent an hour with JB (two full episodes) I can honestly say that I find not one redeeming quality in this Jonny Depp wannabe. In fact, if I were to be LC and had to sit across a table from that boy, it would take a total of 35 seconds for me to reach across the table and yank at that nappy hair.

What could it be that attracts Audrina to this scumbag?

His bubbly personality?

His amazing taste in hobo-couture?

The gardener beard he’s sporting?

Maybe the fact that he brings as much to the table as Audrina (with some added gas, of course).

The way he looks drives me crazy but the bullshit that comes out of his mouth makes me ill. He walks around like his shit doesn’t stink (sorry, my mom loves that saying) and pretends to be some intellectual when all he is really saying is, “I am one giant douchebag. Don’t believe me? Just look at this weird knit hat I love to wear!”

Seriously, I hope Audrina ends it with Mr. Bobby because I don’t know how much longer I can stand him. Like a not-so-wise man once said, only truth and time will tell. Thanks, Justin Bobby, for that deep thought.

Till next week my trashy tv loving friends….

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Too Young to Go Under the Knife
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