I Heart a Fab Fedora

I noticed this trend FOREVER ago, but didn’t want to say anything in hopes that everyone else wouldn’t notice. Because, well, I really want one.

I really, really want a straw fedora and I can’t for the life of me find one again. I saw one, a month ago at H&M and should have bought it but at the time didn’t even have the seven bucks. So sad.

Now that the trend has made it to the pages of People, I guess I can now openly talk about my love for the fedora because it’s obvious that they are everywhere. And even though everybody is doing it, I’m still going to get one because I’m totally obsessed.

Perhaps tan linen for fall or thick black wool for winter? They are the perfect it’s raining/I haven’t showered/it’s too sunny because I’m hungover hat.

Plus, they add that fabulous touch to any outfit that just makes you look… extra fab.

Because none of us can afford this one, this one and this one are cheaper options.

Buying New Jeans? The Buttcam Will Help
Buying New Jeans? The Buttcam Will Help
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