Paris Hilton to Dress the Future Sluts of America

Our country has officially gone insane.

I could deal with Paris Hilton’s pathetic stint in jail. I could even deal with Paris Hilton hooking up with Adrian Grenier, who is, like 3,749,234 times hotter than she is.

But this. This I cannot deal with.

Paris Hilton has put her name onto a children’s clothing line. For little girls. To wear. In public.


It’s bad enough she has a new line with Kitson for, you know – females OLD ENOUGH to wear her tacky, ugly clothes. But innocent children should not be subjected to gold, sequined cocktail dresses! (Okay, no one should be subjected to gold, sequined cocktail dresses)

This just ain’t right for so many reasons. What a great message this sends to the youth of America – dress like Paris Hilton, and you’re on the road to success!! I’m gonna vomit.

People have already began pointing the fingers at the parents, and rightfully so. What the hell kind of mother would take her daughter to a store and allow her to pick out Paris Hilton brand dresses? Besides Lindsay Lohan’s crazy-ass mother, what mother would endorse racist ranting, porn-taping and House of Wax by encouraging the purchase of these horrid clothes?

I hope this line completely bombs and these under, under, waay underage girls realize that the Paris @ Kitson line isn’t worth the money or the future humiliation that this little unknowing, naive girl will one day feel when she realizes what her mother did to her that unfortunate day out front of the Kitson store wearing a poorly sewn gold, sequined cocktail dress back in August of 2007.

I mean, I know I made fun of it, but if there was ever a time for Wholesome Wear, it’s NOW.

Don’t Drink the Punch!
Don’t Drink the Punch!
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