Wilmer Valderrama: Are You Fu*#ing Kidding Me?

Against my wishes, Wilmer Valderrama is still famous.

IMDB says he’s got 4 movies coming out, including a remake of CHIPs where he plays Ponch.

Plus, he’s got that show on MTV…that show that makes me want to vomit in my hand and then throw it at the TV; Yo Mamma. A program so lame, so boring, and so repetitive, it has to potential to push viewers into an immediate coma.

I didn’t always wish Valderrama would go away. Years ago, when he was just starting on That 70’s Show, I thought he was adorable. Hilarious, too. But everything changed when he started dating Lindsay. His attitude and ego soared (although maybe they had already been that way?), he oozed skeeze, and was talking trash about harmless little Mandy Moore.

Then he started to design $80 T-shirts, and then…Yo Mamma.

Somewhere along the over-exposed cheap track, he lost me.

It’s possible Fez can redeem himself with all those new movies, but considering one of them is a remake of a beloved late 70’s, early 80’s TV show, I won’t be holding my breath. ‘Rama might clean up nice, but he’s no Eric Estrada in his heydey.

What do you think? Is Wilmer still hot…or completely not?

If It Makes You Happy…
If It Makes You Happy…
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