Zac and Vanessa are OVER!?

You may have thought a week without Lindsay was tough, but I can’t lie. I miss my boy.

I miss Zac.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I opened the New York Post this morning and lo and behold — there he was!

Well, not him…Vanessa what’s-her-face. But his name was there, fully bolded right there on the newsprint. What for, you ask?

It looks like Zac and his super-fake girlfriend have turned down one million dollars each to star in Disney’s upcoming High School Musical movie.

You may argue it’s because Zac and Vanessa are like, totally growing up, and will be pigeoned-holed by Disney forever if they don’t leave now!

You may argue that Vanessa has an album coming out soon and she can’t be bothered by any more HSM bullshit.

But you want to know what I think is going on here? It’s happening! Zac and Vanessa are on the outs, people!

First, no High School Musical movie. Next, Zac won’t show up to Vanessa’s album release party in LA. Finally, pictures of Zac and Lance Bass will surface at all the coolest gay clubs in NYC.

This isn’t speculation people…this is just me relaying the obvious. Although, if Zac wants to make his gay debut ASAP…he should take my advice, and go with McConaughey.

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