Ashley Olsen is…Cool?

I think I’ve found myself a new celeb girl-crush.

I’ve been a fan of the Olsen twins since Full House, and a closeted fan ever since their enrollment to my school, New York University, was met with open hostility and disdain. I couldn’t get enough of it—their grandma-chic outfits that look like they were put together by a casual stroll through a high-end Salvation Army, their oversized sunglasses that look like they weigh more than the both of the them combined, even their movies that I watched like I watched Lifetime movies, with secret delight.

But after reading Ashley Olsen’s interview in the September issue of Marie Claire, I think I may finally be ready to come out of the closet with my Olsen love. Because, well, it turns out Ashley is kind of…cool. Quirky, a bit strange, and maybe not exactly “the coolest girl in the world,” as Marie Claire dubs her in the title of the article, but surprisingly self-aware and likable.

My only brush with Ashley took place in an NYU bathroom, after which I promptly texted my friend, “Oh my god, I just peed next to Ashley Olsen.” But save for that, and scattered incidents of getting peeks of her crazy outfits on campus, she has remained an enigma to me. Until now. Some juicy facts that I learned about my favorite Hollywood waif:

– That clothing lines she works on? She actually, uh, works on them. Unlike a lot of celeb-turned-designers, her involvement with designs for The Row and Elizabeth and James is not limited to showing up to the launch for some photo-ops.

– Birthdays are tragic for the twin. In fact, she used to cry every year on her birthday, until her 21st. In my experience, childhood birthdays are usually the ones to enjoy, but hey, I guess if you’ve been working since you were nine months old, you might have something to cry over.

– Don’t expect to see any paparazzi shots of her frolicking on the beach with her beau du jour. Ashley’s got a secret boyfriend and she’s happy to keep it that way. He must really be something—I haven’t had a secret boyfriend since 2nd grade, when I “went out” with the boy who ate paper.

– She’s not jumping on the nip-slip and crotch-flashing bandwagon anytime soon. In fact, as much as she’s prefer to go without, Ashley says she wears bras especially because of the paparazzi.

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