Improv is Everywhere!

Never been one for Improv?

Yeah me either. I’m just not that funny on the spot. But Improv Everywhere’s mp3 Experience 4, held on August 18, took improv to the masses and the comedy challenged.

Pretty much the coolest game ever, all you had to do was download the mp3, sync up your ipod and meet at the designated local in lower Manhattan. Then, the fun began. And with total strangers, no less!

Participants were instructed to hit play at 4 o’clock on the dot as they were told to complete tasks like pointing to the Statue of Liberty (even though they couldn’t see it), skip to a German Tourist, play Twister and interact with the public (high fives and thumbs ups!) as they walked to a park for the next part of their mission.

In the park, they created a human dartboard, played freeze tag and ended with some crazy relaxation exercises. The whole mission, as the organizers called it, took only 36 minutes.

And it looks like it totally rocked.

Mission complete, agents!

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