Oh No! Kirsten Dunst was Robbed!

It’s just now surfacing that on August 9th, a burglar snuck into Kirsten Dunst’s hotel room at the Soho Grand in Manhattan and stole a whole bunch of shit….

like her iPod, $2,500 in cash, digital cameras, a cell phone, ID’s and a $13,000 handbag which has yet to be returned.


It totally sucks to get robbed – my house was robbed when I was in middle school and it was a very creepy and violating feeling – but, in some f*cked up way, it’s kinda like…HA HA!

Since when do I have to feel bad for a rich actress (who, from my understanding, sucks anyway – it’s no secret she’s extremely un-liked by the press, the media and the moviegoers ) who got her expensive crap stolen?

Is that karma or just bad luck? Guess no one will know but “Kiki” herself…

(cough, cough) karma (cough, cough)

Hey, at least her Oscar wasn’t stolen. Oh wait, she doesn’t have one.

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