Pimp My Dorm

When I started college, I thought my digs were pretty sweet. It was a private school—and all girls—so of course it was nice compared to most state schools I had looked at.

My roommate and I had awesome custom made matching comforters (be jealous), a TV, stereo, window AC unit, mini fridge and an illegal microwave. I mean, what else did two girls on the verge of the most exciting adventure of their lives need??

Apparently everything.

According to the LA Times, college kids these days aren’t just bringing their own expensive shit to pimp out their dorm rooms, but their schools (and subsequent building contractors) are totally catering to these high class kids that want dorms that look nothing like, well, dorms at all.

Basically, these 18 year olds are moving into sweet school side “residential halls” (because dorm is sooo passe) that are like mini apartments. Pools, mini movie theaters, 24 hour gyms, doormen, semi-private bathrooms, pool tables, barbeques, WiFi are many of the amenities included in these “four star dorms.”

Apparently, colleges are finding that the nicer they make their dorms, the more responsible students are being. So, no late night keggers or drunken debauchery? Highly unlikely.

As decent as our dorms were, my friends and I managed to hold costume parties in our common rooms complete with make shift beer pong tables. One of my best friends peed in the bedroom, another puked in the laundry room. A few times I smoked out of the windows. We were all hosed down in the handicap shower at one time or another.

Our rooms were destroyed because we were young and drunk and having fun. Sure, we cleaned up the next day, but it didn’t make the beer smell go away any faster (I’m pretty sure it lingered for a good week or so). And we were ladies.

Bring your nice shit to college if you want, pimp out your own dorm if you so desire. But don’t get pissed when some guy pisses in your hallway or when someone pukes on your $300 chair.

After all, it is college. Growing up comes after four (or five) years of just having a kick ass time.

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