Shot of the Week: Mint on Your Pillow

Ever stayed at a hotel where they put those awesome little mints on your pillow?

Me either. But I’ve heard stories.

If I really want an Andes chocolate mint, all I need to do is drive to the nearest grocery store and shell out $2, as opposed to $200, and eat as many as I want (which usually translates to too much).

Or, I make this sweet little shot.

Say goodbye to the hot months with this refreshing blast of minty chocolate goodness.

Because like those expensive hotels and pieces of candy, summer never lasts long enough.

Mint on Your Pillow:

1/2 oz green creme de menthe

3/4 oz chocolate liqueur

1 splash milk

Shake everything together and strain into a shot glass. Make sure to drink quickly and cold. Warm milk is gross.

…and you know what else is gross? Being so drunk you throw up in your hair.

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