What’s In Your Bag?

Your bag is an extension of your person. Well, not literally, but come on, we know all one of the hypothetical worst things that could happen to a girl is to lose her purse.

So, that’s why what you carry in your purse can either make your life even more stressful than it already is…or it can make everyday THAT much easier!

First, you need to clean it out. With school on the horizon, a fresh start is mandatory. Really it is, even if the freshness fades in a week—like you stop going to the gym, waking up early and cleaning out your bag everyday—at least you made the attempt, right?

After you rip out the gum that some how rolled out of its Orbit’s container and shake out all the loose change (now you have money for coffee!) here are the essentials that you’ll definitely find yourself needing at some point:

1. Shout Wipe. Damn the BBQ sauce from those early beer pong playing, front lawn partying campus barbeques.

2. Tampon. Enough said.

3. Don’t bring your entire wallet, unless you’re shopping. Bring your License, School ID, and Debit Card. Wrap them in necessity number 4.

4. Hair tie. Even if your hair doesn’t need wrangling…something will (see number 3).

5. Lip-gloss, stick, or balm. You never know when someone may want to plant one on you. Use whatever you dig but an online source reported in a recent study that Sixty-three percent of male respondents said they prefer to kiss women’s lips without lipstick on. And your preference?

6. Finally, besides the phone and/or iPod and other random bits of tech, be sure to have some cash on hand. Keep it away from your cards and out of your wallet and purse. A friend of mine was held up and luckily she kept a $20 in the inside of her pant pocket. Before this post turns motherly, I’ll leave it at that.

Looking for that perfect Fall bag? We reccommend: this, this, or this.

Happy Autumn!

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