Green Is The New Black

Lately, it seems everywhere you turn people are turning green. Not nausea induced green (though that may be true if you are enjoying a nice long Welcome Week and hangovers abound), but earth-friendly green.

Whether it be celebrities like Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt or the aisles upon aisles of green products at stores around the country, saving the planet isn’t just for tree-huggers anymore.

And as you hear about all the celebs buying Hybrid cars and cities banning bottled water due to the excessive amounts of waste they create, you have to stop and wonder what your impact on the planet is.

Most likely: it isn’t good.

And it isn’t just the gas guzzling SUVs lack of recycling that is causing the earth to warm, the animals to lose their habitats and the weather to go buck wild. No; it is the little things that we don’t realize we are doing that have the biggest negative impact on this planet. Like leaving our computers on. Or pumping the A/C with the windows open.

As I mentioned before, changing even the smallest things we do can have a ginormous (it’s officially a word!) positive impact on our lovely little planet. So here are a few more easy things you can do to ensure that our children (and their children) don’t burst into flames when they step outside in the future.

1. Use Online Billing: I never thought about it before, but the amount of paper wasted on bills is absurd. By switching your billing option to “online only” you eliminate both the actual bill being sent to you and the envelope/check you send back in to pay it. It is so easy and, if everyone does it, such a great way to save millions of trees.

2. Unplug Your Sh#t: I used to leave my hair dryer, straightner, computer, cell phone charger, iPod charger, toaster, coffee maker, etc…. all plugged in all the time. I never thought that they would be sucking power the entire time, regardless if they were on or even charging anything at the moment. Turns out, they do. In fact, a ton of energy is wasted powering things that don’t need to be powered! Unplugging your shit not only saves energy, but also saves you money on your electricity bill. Cha Ching!

3. Turn Off Your Computer: We all love a little away message action when we are out of the house, but is it really necessary? Just read #2. Powering off your computer (or at least sending it to sleep) will save tons of energy. (P.S. Saving energy means less pollution from all those coal power plants that produce the energy you use.)

4. Take an Eco Run: This will get you and the planet in shape. And the extra bending to pick up the garbage has to make this workout better than a typical run.

These steps are so simple that even the most anti-granola kid can do ’em. And if you don’t care about the future of our planet (asshole), these steps will also help you save some money. Join the rest of the world and start going green. It is totally becoming the new black.

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