Everyone Has Sex on the First Date! Kind of…

• When you live in New York City things like this are a disappointing reality. Thank God there’s a hilarious video parodying it! (YouTube)

• Listen up incoming Freshmen: Think your parents are like, so totally annoying? At least your mother doesn’t write about all of your short-comings. In the New York Times. (Gawker)

• Leona Helmsley’s bitch is a total bitch. But damn if she isn’t rich as hell! (NY Daily News)

• We all know to carry Mace and not trust men in public places. So, what’s this I read about 1 in 3 of us totally dropping trou at a moments notice? Didn’t we all read this article? (Houston Chronicle)

• Courtney Love might get sued because she cares about her suicidal friend. Ugh. Let’s just all agree to never do drugs again, okay? (MTV UK)

• Senator Larry Craig got arrested and the police report is taken word for word to make a mock Dragnet spoof. Bravo MSNBC! (MSNBC)

Drinking Games Galore!
Drinking Games Galore!
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