Girl Powaaa…or Something

First, the Spice Girls made their comeback and now another fight for GIRL POWAAA!

Sheryl Crow and Avril Lavigne have come together to organize “GirlFrenzy”, (estrogen overload, anyone?) an all-girl concert scheduled to happen this October.

Performers include Av & Sher, along with Fiona Apple, and “rising stars” like Sara Bareilles, Antigone Rising, and Colbie Caillat (who now?).

Should be interesting to see how many GUYS actually show up to this event. I guess it’s fitting that the concert’s taking place October 27th, Halloween appropriate, seeing as it will haunt the souls of poor boyfriends dragged in tow left and right.

Sorry fellas.

I’m always in for a little celebration over girls ruling and boys drooling but “Hey Hey, Av, Av”…I thought you didn’t like a girlfriend?

Afternoon Slump? Try Caffeinated Lip Balm!
Afternoon Slump? Try Caffeinated Lip Balm!
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