Spanx: The Secret to Skinny

A few weeks ago, I walked out into broad daylight wearing what I thought was an opaque dress. After getting a few strange glares, I made it to my friend’s place and looked in the mirror.

The dress was, in fact, see-through; there was my underwear, in clear view. Great.

To solve my transparent problem, my friend handed me a pair of black Spanx.

What was originally meant to simply cover up the bottom half of my body, I soon realized also made the dress look even better on my body! That’s because Spanx are super tight, super slimming biker-like type shorts that take you in at least a couple of dress sizes around the hips and thighs.

Which is why I’m not surprised to find out that all of these “perfectly tiny” celebs are using Spanx to appear….dun dun dunnnnnnnn….


Tyra’s an advocate (obvi)! Even this girl is wearing them! (Who the hell is she?)

EVERYONE in Hollywood is wearing them, even though they don’t want you to know! Well, guess what. Secret’s out.

“Assets” are an affordable brand you can find at Target.

These things work wonders for the body. They’re sleek, seamless and definitely pull in any unwanted lumps and bumps. The only real problem I can think of when wearing Spanx is – make sure you do NOT, and I repeat – do NOT engage in sexual activity while wearing them. Don’t forget you have them on whilst getting down and dirty.

I don’t think your man will be turned on when he feels a pair of these puppies riding up to your boobs. If you’re planning on hooking up but you wanna wear Spanx on your date pre-hooking up, just run into the bathroom and take them off beforehand.

Spanx may be helpful….but they sure ain’t sexy.

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