Canadians May Be Happy but They Still Aren’t Cool

• So, Canadians are happier than Americans by, like, .2 points. Let’s just give them that and be happy with the fact that we are probably better in every other way. (Globe and Mail)

• I love New York and all, but if you can make $20,000 selling turkey sandwiches at the State Fair in Minnesota then I may have to rethink my living situation. (

• Don’t worry Colorado freshmen, that complete confusion you feel this semester is the state’s fault not yours… (

• Borat + American Idol + non-pretentious indie film = Great World of Sound (YouTube)

• The Goonies are going to be animated? I feel a rush of ironic t-shirts in our future. (

• Of course you love CollegeCandy, so you owe it to yourself to check out Gala Darling. You’ll thank me. (

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