Doing It Right: Dirty Talk

I cannot tell a lie. I like talking dirty.

Of course, sometimes I want the more tender, affectionate type of lovemaking, but there are times when a girl just likes to get down and dirrrty.

My foray into dirty talk came with my first serious relationship. It was the first time I dated someone long enough to have a sex life with them and the first time sex needed a little spicing up from time to time. So, first came the dirty talk, which led us to…well…lots of other naughty things. But that’s another blog for another time.

This blog is about being verbally voracious in the bedroom. Luckily, I am not the shy type. Indicative by the fact I write about my sex life for the masses to read. This also came in handy when getting sexually experimental, starting with a few dirty words.

If you are shy, though, or even hesitant about trying new things between the sheets, talking dirty can be a difficult thing to broach—and master—with your boy. And although I have had lots of sex, I don’t claim to be any type of sexpert. I know what has worked for me, which may not work for everyone. And more or less, I just kind of jumped into using the dirty words in bed after I realized my then beau was cool with it.

Luckily iVillage contributor Tracey Cox prides herself on being a sexpert and provided these safe tips into taking your own trip into down and dirty town.

-Start with sexy texts or emails. It’s always easier to be naughty when you can’t see each other!

-Suggest it in the sack. Bringing it up in bed can be the right time to suggest a little dirty talk to your guy.

-Timing is everything. A naughty whisper in the ear in public may be all the jump-start you need.

-Don’t worry if it sounds cheesy. ‘Cause it is!

-Don’t be afraid to tell him if he goes too far. Just tell him what you DID like.

-Test the waters by dropping in a “bad” word if you want to go a little bit farther. See how he reacts, he may totally dig it.

Embrace the dirty talk, my loves. Just a few naughty phrases may be all you and your man need to add that little extra spark into your “let’s do it before we pass out” sex routine.

Because let’s be honest, being bad has never sounded so good.

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