Fall Fashion Lust List: Jackets

With New York Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, the fashion world is gearing up for next spring.

But the rest of us, the small lowly peons who lust after the goods and then stockpile cheaper offers, are still attempting the seasonal transition from summer to fall.

I have been staring at the fall trends since the last Fashion Week held in the spring, and now I am finally beginning to see the stores stock some of the trends I have been itching to purchase.

And this fall season, the fashions are jacket heavy.

Not coats—not outerwear that is heavy and daunting (for some reason the puff jacket is back..eww), but lightweight jackets that are fun, funky and now complete a once summer turned fall outfit you felt was totally lacking.

This fall, jackets and blazers have taken on every shape and size from schoolboy blazer to nipped in leather to a full and swingy capes and ponchos. This fall, it is not the pattern on the fabric but the fabric itself that has shown precedence.

Velvet, thin buttery leather, and the perfect shade of blue denim: this is what is important. It’s about the cut, the color and the fabric. The jackets of the season are about what looks good on you, what fits your fancy.

These are not showy pieces that are going to go out of style, this is outerwear you will keep—and wear—for years to come.

It truly is a season where the separates are not making the ensemble, but rather the jacket that is pulling it all together.

Some of the jackets I’m lusting after for fall:

-A Leather Jacket

-Cropped Jean Jacket

-Bomber Jacket

-Swingy Capes and Ponchos

-A Moto Jacket

-The Perfect Velvet Blazer

-The Perfect Schoolboy Blazer

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