Women Find Kissing Important, Guys Not So Much

I’m sitting here reading this article about kissing and it is making me really wish my boyfriend wasn’t 1,000 miles away so I could just make out with him.

Like, a full on seventh grade make-out sesh.

I love to kiss. Which, I suppose, why a poll of 1,000 college students at a New York City school, mentioned here, isn’t really mind blowing.

Apparently we, as women, like to kiss. And we think it’s really important to boot. We use “kissing as a way of assessing the recipient as a potential partner, and later to maintain intimacy and to check the status of a relationship.”

While guys “were more willing to have sex with someone without kissing, to have sex with someone they are not attracted to and agree to have sex with someone they considered to be a bad kisser.”

Men also placed less importance on kissing as the relationship progressed. I would imagine since they putting their importance on the bumping and grinding.

The article said that men preferred “wet, tongue kisses” but didn’t say what the ladies liked. I’m guessing it’s a mixture of the tender kisses we like all the time and the passionate (and, err, wet?) kisses that come with sex?

While I was watching the movie Hitch the other night…twice, actually, since nothing else was on TV on a Saturday, I was reminded of just how important kissing is. And to me, it is important. Sure, I like my sexy time, but for the first week my boy and I started things out, we really just kissed… a lot.

And sometimes a kiss is just what you need.

What do ya’ll think?

Is kissing really that important to a relationship?

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