Gisele: Super Model, Super Biaaatch!

If it’s at all possible, I feel really bad for Bridget Moynahan. Not only is she mostly known as the chick who got royally screwed over by Mr. Big after he cheated and destroyed their marriage, but her real life sucks, too. She was dating football stud Tom Brady, who dumped her for Gisele Bundchen. Yea. He does pretty well for himself.

But before Tom could enjoy a lifetime of sweet, supermodel sex…..oops! Bridget was pregnant with Tom’s baby, and he still didn’t want her back.

If that’s not enough of a slap in the face, Gisele broke out the fangs and claws and sent Bridget really expensive baby clothes – specifically “a onesie with the word ’supermodel’ written across it.”


I’m not the only who is noticing this passive aggressive move. It’s pretty bold and pretty bitchy, as there is nothing worse than pulling a “Heyyyy, maaaaan, everything’s cool, I’m just gonna use this obnoxious tactic to try and solve our little problem here, but really, it’s just gonna piss you off even more and you’re going to resent me and want to punch me in the face. No biggie!” Ugh. Sooooo annoying (although sarcasm is always appreciated). – a hilarious peek into the world of annoying post-its, notes, emails and signs people have actually written to their co-workers, roommates and fellow citizens that do anything but fix the problems at hand. You’ll see what I mean.

Here’s a good one with condoms and toilets. Here are some ever popular “I Ain’t Cho Mama” signs of passive aggression. And I love the office letter that addresses the ever-awkward use of weather to base a superficial conversation, only making things more awkward for everyone around.

Congratulations, Gisele – you got Bridget good. But Bridget, I say you should fire back. Call this Super Model B*tch out, girl!

Or just write her a nice little note.


First you start dieting, then you start…smoking?
First you start dieting, then you start…smoking?
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