Green Fashion for the Eco Chic

New York Fashion Week is here. Parties, skinny models: I’m pretty sure the champagne and nicotine is free flowing in Bryant Park.

But while designers are fending off PETA protests in between showing their new spring lines and partying till dawn, the rest of us are trying to keep our heads above water with school starting and that small thing called life.

And with the hubbub of fashion week upon us, it’s easy to forget that aside from living life, perhaps you should be living it with a bit of green gusto. After all, we are killing the planet and ourselves and everyone is doomed.

Luckily, there is fashion to keep us occupied… and eco fashion to make us feel we are doing something (anything?) right for the environment.

iGo Green, a new “green” section of iVillage, has done the grunt work by singling out some of the up and coming eco fashion designers to watch.

Moral Fervor designs cute tees from Ingeo, a fabric made from fermented corn. They aren’t your typical graphic tees, these are shirts you will actually WANT to wear. With flattering cuts and a simple print, the new line is comfortable, cute and eco friendly.

I am totes obsessed with this next eco line, Passenger Pigeon. Made in Canada, the designers produce eco clothes with a high fashion edge. It’s the details that make these pieces great as they make pieces that are both functional and fashionable. I LOVE the Kinglet coat, the Perula Dress and the laptop sleeve.

Del Forte has made denim green. Using 100% organic cotton, Del Forte is premium denim you can feel good about wearing for more than the simple reason that it makes your ass look awesome. A few of the products are fug, but I am loving the Willow wide leg and the Eugenia slim fit.

I doubted that Stewart & Brown’s lineup was more Anthropologie than hemp hippie; however the Summer 2007 collection proved me wrong.

Of course, the married designer duo have worked for J.Crew, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, which probably explains why their designs are basically of the minute designs for the sustainable type.

Being green really never looked this good.

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