iPod has a Sexy New Brother

Anyone who is either:

A) Obsessed with Apple products

B) A total nerd

C) Bored at work, or

D) Unable to avoid people who are A, B or C

has heard the news from Apple land.

Yes, my friends, it is time to toss that Generation 4 iPod (now named the iPod Classic) because there is a new boy in town and he is much sexier than his older brother.

The new iPod is here and it is deeeeeeeelicious. Forget the antiquated old click wheel. This bad boy is all touch screen, just like his cousin, iPhone. He also boasts wireless internet where you can browse the web, watch YouTube videos and – brace yourselves – download new songs directly to your iPod.

No, Generation Instant Gratification, there is no need to wait until you get home to DL that hot new Timbaland song (because you know there will be a new one on the radio by the time you get home, anyway); just load the iPod internet browser and get it now. Like, right now.

Other hot news from Mr. Jobs:

A new Nano with a bigger screen for video viewing. Oh, and a $200 price drop on the iPhone. No more $600 price tag; this beaut can be yours for only $400.

That may seem like a lot, but it is right in line with other mega phones like the Crackberry and Treo.

Oh, and even better, you can now download songs from iTunes, edit them down to a 30 second segment and make them your ring tone!

I don’t think it gets much better than this.

But, then again, I am both B and C (see above).

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