Meet Gabriel Aubrey, Halle’s Baby Daddy

We’ve all heard by now that Halle Berry is knocked up…..

… this guy! Gabriel Aubrey!

He’s hot, Canadian and 10 years younger than Halle, who is 41 and the hottest cougar of ’em all.

Ever since the news of her pregnancy broke, people have been even more curious about Gabriel Aubrey, whose name even sounds model-ish. He’s got a pretty face, but what’s he like? How did he meet Halle? What do they have in common!

The public needs to know!

If you Google him, he’s more tied to her name than anything else so there must be some dirt?

You will find that all sites can agree he is a “hunkstar,” whatever the hell kind of stupid word that is.

Hmmm. I wonder if the baby will be attractive?

Check out Gabriel’s hottness after the jump!


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