OMG! Drinking is Bad! So is Popcorn. Weird.

• Is anyone else tired of everyone telling us how much booze is too much booze? I mean, I think I know when enough is enough, thank you. (CBS News)

• Okay, so naps are amazing. Anyone of us could have told the non-napping adults in our life that, but now that everyone’s jumping on the nap train the next task…finding the best office sleeping spot. (Ririan Project)

• Popcorn causes cancer! Popcorn causes cancer! Yes, this finally justifies all of our smoking and drinking. Who knew cancer was an equal opportuinty disease? (LA Times)

• Little, tiny, trendy desserts mean that we’re all going to pay 50 percent more for 75 percent less product. I suppose that’s the price you pay for being an idiot. (

• Star Jon — oh, I mean Sherri Shepherd joins The View! Phew, looks like you guys with 11am classes won’t have to worry about skipping this semester. (LA Times)

• One word of advice on this Thirsty Thursday: don’t be this guy. (YouTube)

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