Shot of the Week: The Hollywood

When I think of Hollywood, a few things come to mind: drugs, fashion, fake boobs, and fruity drinks.

Hollywood has always struck me as a place where people, regardless of gender, drink things with lots of liquor and sugar.

The Tinseltown of old may have enjoyed their whiskey and scotch on the rocks, but this generation is all about make-up, highlights, and sour mix.

Aiding my hypothesis are the ingredients for this common shot:

The Hollywood

1 part vodka

1 part peach schnapps

1 part chambord

1 part pineapple juice

Layer your shot glass with the liquids in order (beginning with vodka, ending with pineapple juice), toast to your millions, and drink up.

…just remember to be responsible. If too much partying can make Lindsay Lohan look bad, just imagine what it can do to you.

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