Got Weed? Shout It From the Rooftops!

If you have weed for sale, it’s probably a really great idea to yell it out your window. I mean, what’s word of mouth when there’s YOUR mouth to do all your publicity for you? These guys are so smart. They didn’t even need to go to college with the common sense it takes to accomplish this.

They should have just set up a weed stand complete with complementary lemonade. I mean, everyone knows that weed gives you cotton mouth. And there’s nothing worse than cotton mouth, besides well, being arrested.

Which is exactly what happened to the two (former) freshman at Northeastern University last Sunday.

After one of them yelled out their dorm room window that his roommate had weed for sale, a couple of plainclothes Boston officers decided to check out the goods. Smart boys! Such a great way to attract customers! (Although I think the weed and lemonade idea is pretty great).

Michael Emery and Matthew Ferrante, both 18, were stashing four ounces of weed, stuff to smoke it in and a scale to weigh it out. And of course there was some alcohol but that’s no surprise for two guys in college.

Although the guys pleaded not guilty, their intent to distribute charge could carry up to two years in jail.

Because—obvs—jail is the new undergrad! Go Inmates!

Perhaps next time they’ll shout it from the rooftops!

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